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Welcome my school! I’m Joe, the founder of TES, certified teacher and English coach with over 10 years of experience! Since this is our first time meeting, I’d like to tell you more about myself.

My parents moved from Italy to Toronto, where I was born. I consider myself very lucky because I was raised with the best of two cultures: Italian at home and Canadian outside of my home.

Fast forward to university where I graduated with a degree in education from the University of Toronto. That same year, I moved to Asia, where I worked as a teacher for three years. When I returned to Toronto, I taught for the school board for a few years before going into the fashion industry, which explains why I have so many shirts! Eventually, I left the fashion business and returned to my first passion, teaching.

Before I started TES, I spent many months and long hours developing a unique and practical teaching approach. My goal was to develop effective lessons that would make my students confident speakers and great communicators. That brings me to this introduction, the TES Deep English Method and meeting you!

The TES Deep English Method will help you realize your English speaking goals without frustration or wasted time.

  • You will only learn useful English; there aren’t any inappropriate materials (like newspapers), boring grammar, useless idioms, uncommon vocabulary or regrets.
  • You will improve your speaking, pronunciation, listening skills and confidence by learning necessary concepts and important techniques that you have never studied before.
  • Every student will practice speaking and pronunciation a lot because you can only learn something if you do it!
  • TES’ unique curriculum is taught by experienced kind teachers who make learning English more manageable and enjoyable.
  • At TES, students rediscover their passion for learning English and get motivated because they get results.
  • The TES timetable is not strict, so extra time can be given to a specific topic or question.

TES is an online school that offers private 1:1 lessons. Schedule a free trial anywhere in the world to experience the TES difference. We look forward to to meeting you soon!

We are excited to announce that TES is currently developing an online course and e-textbook. Our expected launch will be early 2021. Keep checking in for updates.

Are you satisfied with your English?

  • You might think you cannot improve your speaking
  • You might think all English schools are the same
  • You might think big schools are better than small ones
  • You might think you can learn English by yourself
    Do not have regrets about improving your English.
    Discover the secret to learning English at TES!​

5 Surprising Study Tips!

  1. Focus on practicing correct pronunciation
  2. Study grammar to improve writing, not speaking
  3. Get someone to correct your speaking mistakes
  4. Read children’s books to learn common vocabulary
  5. Do not use newspapers, fill-in-the-blanks or word lists
    Experience the difference of a TES English class!

Schedule a Free Trial Lesson Today!

  • Do you speak English confidently?
  • Is your pronunciation clear and easy to understand?
  • Can your communicate with your co-workers, customers and international friends without difficulty?
  • Are you satisfied with your TOEIC / IELTS score?
  • TES is a 5 minute walk from Lansdowne station
  • Call or email at: 647-887-6755 /

Lesson Fees

16-lesson package / 8 weeks: $496
8-lesson package / 4 weeks: $280
4-lesson package / 4 weeks: $150
1 lesson / week: $40

  • Lessons are 60 minutes long
  • Fees must be paid in full before beginning a package or lesson
  • Cancellations are not accepted; classes can be rescheduled the same month

Buy & Schedule Lessons

Step 1: Contact TES to schedule a free 30-minute trial lesson (optional).

Step 2: Contact TES to buy your package of lessons and receive a Paypal invoice by email.

Step 3: Schedule a time and day for your lessons to begin.

Lesson Details

  • Each lesson is 60 minutes and will be on Zoom.
  • Each lesson is customized to each person’s level and needs.
  • Every lesson is flexible, so questions are always welcome & extra attention can be given to any problem.
  • The TES Deep English Method is appropriate for high-level beginners, intermediate students & advanced speakers.

TES teaches necessary techniques and basic concepts that you probably haven’t learned before, for example:
Developing an English Mouth
Stressed Vowels
Word Linking
Specific Tongue Placement and Mouth Movements
Overlooked Vowel Sounds
Overlooked Consonant Sounds
Intonation and Rhythm
Correct Vocabulary Usage
Effective Home Study Tips

During your lessons, you will become aware of your bad speaking habits and replace them with strong English ones.
The TES Deep English Method will be challenging at first but it will help you improve your:
Word Linking
Basic Grammar Habits – articles, plurals, etc.

We are here to help you successfully realize your English goals.
We will take your trust seriously and dedicate ourselves to improving your English.

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