The Fluency Success Method is the most direct way to create strong pronunciation habits, become a confident speaker and master English.

Self-Guided Speaking Assessment

If you’ve never developed strong English habits then it will be extremely difficult to improve your speaking and listening no matter how much you study. Take the quick three-part self-assessment to know if your language habits are the cause of all your English speaking problems.


Do You Often Mix-up or Use Incorrect Grammar Tenses
When Talking?

  • simple present
  • present continuous
  • simple past
  • present perfect, etc.


Can You Pronounce Each Pair of Words Distinctly?

  1. ankle & uncle
  2. travel & trouble
  3. phone & hone
  4. work & walk
  5. think & sink
  6. right & light
  7. why & vie
  8. it & eat


Do You Always Forget to Say Articles and Plurals in Conversation?

  • a / an
  • the
  • words ending in s

The Fluency Success Method

Everything in the Fluency Success Method has a specific purpose and benefit, which means no wasted time or effort on low-priority English or unproductive lessons and exercises.

You’ll discover how your first language habits conflict with English, keeping you stuck and causing stubborn speaking errors. You’ll also acquire necessary techniques and study basic concepts that you’ve never learned before. Eventually, you’ll replace your unsuitable speaking habits with strong English ones, becoming a confident English speaker and self-learner. All of this will be done at your own pace and with the assistance of TES.

Below are some of the goals you will realize through the Fluency Success Method:

  • strengthen listening skills by recognizing English speech patterns and the differences between sounds
  • adopt new study habits and techniques to effectively learn English and speed up improvement
  • train your mouth to increase pronunciation accuracy and use connected speech
  • understand basic grammar and use it correctly in conversation
  • create more manageable goals and successfully achieve them
  • talk automatically, and increase clarity and confidence
  • permanently eliminate reoccurring speaking mistakes
  • increase practical (active) vocabulary
  • build strong English speaking habits
  • interact comfortably with natives
  • become a great communicator

Testimonials from Past Students

*All reviews have been translated and edited from Japanese.

Important! Please Read!

The Fluency Success Method (FSM) evolved through countless hours and many years of teaching English to Japanese students. Although most lessons, examples and practices in the FSM will be applicable to any national, they reflect my experiences with Japanese students and their specific needs.

The FSM is challenging and not for everyone. Change can be difficult for many to accept, especially when it contradicts many long-held beliefs and traditional approaches to learning English. However, if you’re serious about learning English and want different results, then there’s no choice but to try a different approach.

If you’re ready for a change, then join the waiting list for the online Fluency Success Method, which is launching in spring 2021!